The Game: Eloryn's Partition

Eloryn’s Partition is an adventure / puzzle game in a bright, zen and poetical universe where music has magical properties.

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You play as Nuby, a little masked fellow who finds an ancient musical instrument and tries to play it. Unfortunately the false note he makes resounds and dismantles the whole world around him, also causing Touba, the grumpy spirit living inside the instrument, to wake up from his millennial sleep.
Together, Nuby and Touba will need to find their way in the fragmented world and restore the harmony in Eloryn by using the power of musical notes on their path and help many characters on their journey.
The game features an in-game level editor to let each player compose and share a small world or a challenging trial with the community.


  • 2 adventure levels to explore.
  • Several character to interact with through dialogs and quests.
  • Short puzzles to solve with planification and observation.
  • The alpha version of our level editor where you can create, modify and share a level of your own with on the comunity page. Levels created can feature NPC, puzzles setup and all your creativity!


The development of this game started during the 2015-2016 school year when the team’s objective was to put together an immersive and creative gaming experience.

Since the beginning of the project, Eloryn’s Partition has been selected and featured a few times in different contests and showcases:


  • Selected with 15 other student projects for the final of the Dare To Be Digital international competition in Scotland.
  • Showed the game during the 4 days Dare Protoplay salon in Dundee in August 2016.
  • Selected for the HitsPlayTime 2016 contest with 34 other european teams.
  • Selected with two other projects from our school to go to the Gamescom 2016 inside the business area in Cologne, Germany.
  • Featured at the first “Gaming Out” event in Charleroi, Belgium.